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Welcome to the home of NYC Siberian cats! We are your source for purebred hypoallergenic Siberian kittens. We breed and help find loving homes for Siberian kittens all over the United States. Our beautiful and special kittens come with the necessary certificates and vaccinations your new pet requires!

Our passion for the breed is obvious when you see the love and care of our cats. Our kittens come from excellent bloodlines with beautiful features and character.

The kittens from our family of purebred Siberian are offered with spaying/neutering for your home. Reservations are available and recommended.

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Caring for a Siberian cat is not difficult. They handle elementary grooming themselves, however, in places where the coat is especially soft (behind the ears, armpits, in the groin), tangles can form. Therefore, the cat should be regularly combed out with a soft slicker brush. You can use special sprays or dry shampoos for tangles. There is no need to wash a Siberian cat, unless it is being prepped for a showcase. Even a Siberian cat living with access to the street can keep its coat clean with minor assistance from it’s owner.

Siberians are very fond of the cat gyms with their cubbies, shelves, and ladders. They are jumpy, agile and maneuverable, despite their size. Such play gyms/complexes can be purchased at a pet store or made independently. A jute rope wound around a thick stick or vertically attached board will be an excellent trainer for a cat. You can attach a homemade scratching post to such a height that it is convenient for the cat to stretch to its full height, standing on its hind legs.

Cats love warmth and the Siberian is no exception. There are hammocks that are mounted (with a battery-operated heater) the cats will probably love. You can organize a place for them on the windowsill, above the heater, so that the cat can warm up and look out the window at the same time.
The Siberian cat is a wonderful companion for an adult. They are not intrusive, but at the same time good natured and ready to communicate. The Siberian cat will happily lie on their owner’s lap as long for as the owner wants it. They are very attentive to the nuances of the owner’s mood; this cat that will lie on the “sore spot” and treat the owner with warmth and vibrations from purring. The Siberian is suitable for older people. She is calm, clean and ready to keep company in watching TV.
Siberian cats are very curious, it is recommended to be careful and do not open windows if there are no special protective nets. They are born hunters and in urban conditions they may not calculate their own strength and while chasing a bird, fall out of the window. Opening the window in the ventilation mode is no less dangerous: the cat may try to climb out of the window and get stuck. The crash syndrome that develops in this case is very dangerous and can lead to the death of the animal.

A cat walking on the street alone is very vulnerable. Cars, dogs and people can be dangerous. Be mindful when taking your Siberian outside. Neutered/Spayed animals do not normally go far from home. However, when taking them outside on site safely, securely, you can let them exercise their natural hunting instincts.
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